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A critical element of our growth and success is having competent leaders and employees that are engaged and committed to our strategy and service delivery. We do this by offering best in-house training and career development programs to enhance personal opportunities for professional growth.

Employees have participated in our leadership program
Leaders identified for ongoing development of leadership talent
Videos viewed with nearly 1.9 million minutes of content in 2020

Training & Development

Geowell specifically emphasize on employee training and development. The training programs are essential to the success of businesses worldwide. Not only do these programs offer opportunities for staff to improve their skills, but also for employers to enhance employee productivity and improve company culture.

We believe employee development is the continuous effort to strengthen work performance through approaches like coaching, training sessions, and leadership mentoring. Training is a specific event that teaches new information or skills, often provided to new or newly promoted employees

Whether they are cross-training to understand multiple roles or moving into new positions, employees can prepare for additional responsibilities through training and development opportunities. Training and development programs can help employees learn the skills they need in their current roles and introduce leadership skills and software knowledge they will need in the future. One form of training, apprenticeship, allows employees to start as trainees and progress to a higher-level role.

Employee training and development programs can help staff stay up to date on changes in their industry, such as in ethics, safety, or quality standards. They also can show staff new ways to think and work, employing updated technology and processes and educating workers about cybersecurity threats. Putting these new tools and practices to work in their day-to-day roles can lead to better outcomes for employees — and employers.

Our Skilled and Committed Workforce Sustainability Commitment:​

Have a skilled and committed workforce by listening and responding to our employees’ feedback and committing to an engaged workforce that  feels valued with the right support and resources to be successful.

Equipment Rental

Geowell owns full range of Well intervention and completion equipment. It is within the capability of us and we are ready to offer rental services for any client to meet their operation requirement: –

  • Zone 2 Offshore Slickline Units & Power Pack
  • 40 Feet Wireline Mast
  • 70 Feet Wireline Mast
  • H2S and CO2 Rated Pressure Control Equipment (various sizes)
  • Various types of OEM Downhole Tools
  • Other Slickline Service equipment related.

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