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Geowell Smart Intervention

Production Enhancement & Flow Assurance 

Well Perforation Services

  • Thru Tubing Slickline or E-Line conveyed perforation
  • Drill Pipe / Tubing Conveyed Perforation
  • Perforate & stimulate in one trip.
  • Full range of gun assembly
  • Reactive Liner, Super Deep Penetrating, Deep Penetrating, Big Hole & propellant Assist Shaped Charge
  • GW-GSI Smart Firing Head System, Mechanical & Hydraulic Firing Head, Pressure Activation Firing Head
  • Collaborating with our engineering principal, we provide Well Evaluation Modelling which cover all related on perforating simulation needed.
  • Perforation Solution Consultancy services which either related on conventional technology or Latest & New Technology.

Enhanced Production & Flow Assurance (GSI Chemical)

  • 15% Descalling acid with corrosion inhibitor, iron control & surfactant.

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