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Heavy Duty Braided Line Services

Geowell slickline and braided line service provide safe and reliable utility support for drilling, completions, and production. We offer a variety of cable types and sizes to accommodate many applications and environments with precision and accuracy. Coupled with the expert knowledge of our trained personnel and crew, our slickline and braided line services provide a safe and economical service for wireline support.

  • GW Heavy-Duty Braidedline Unit (Closed Loop System)
  • GW Power Pack (Closed Loop System)
  • GW Air Compressor
  • GW Generator
  • GW Air Tank
  • GW High Pressure Pump (Triplex Pump)
  • GW Graco Pump
  • GW Grease Injection Panel
  • GW Control Panel
  • GW Wireline Mast

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